How to import low poly landscape from cinema 4d?


I created huge low poly landscape in cinema 4d, like this - ://

How can i import this in unreal engine like landcape, not like mesh.

When i create collision, it is few collision.

You cant import such a type of landscape (just a plane is possible) -> but you will have to bake a heightmap from your static mesh. I havent watched this tutorial, but it should explain how it works: :wink:

Btw, use “use complex as simple” for your collision ->

this is the only way?

What if i want to import building with rooms inside?

Collision not aproach.

How create collision for difficult objects?

For a landscape a heightmap is the only way :slight_smile:

When you want to import buildings, you have to export them as a fbx or obj file -> then import them. For difficult objects you can either create your own custom convex hulls or you can use the “use complex as simple” (both ways are shown in the video)