How to import image as image

Hello folks! Sorry for my poor english at first.
Well, I create widged with a picture block inside. Need to set image as random. But problem is: imported images (png, jpg formats) imports as texture, not as image and I cannot use them in my widged which need only image variable type.
Please tell me how to fix this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Actually, texture is a image too. So if you go in brush, you can put any " texture" there. just drag and drop it like you do with materials.

it is a widget, with a canvas panel, a image in the canvas. I hope it helps

Just to elaborate a bit more Albeheon’s answer. When you want to set it in blueprint, you don’t assign the texture to the image variable, you have to pull “set texture from brush” out of the image variable and provide the texture there.

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I know about that. But I wanna to change pictures randomly. So I import pictures which I wanna to use in random generation and then create array variable for this pictures. If I make this variable type as texture, so binded picture slot in widged cannot get image from this array cause it need image, not a texture. If I create my variable array as image type, so I cannot use imported pictures in it cause they are texture.

Yeah! “Set brush from texture” works well!
Thank you guys!