How to import glTF files?

How to import glTF files?

I totally lost. I am using the Datasmith plugin. But when ever I try to import any free downloadable model from Sketchfab, the import fails.

  • Are there any other import options or plugins?
  • If so, where to download and how to install?

thank you so much for any little help,
appreciate it!

There is an official glTF importer plugin, you don’t have to install it, just search the plugin list.

if your gltf import failed, make sure you send it to us as a technical support ticket and we will have a look

I am also interested in this plugin… I was searching and searching. Google and the Unreal forum. I read some posts about free versions, private version, people talking about the Datasmith plugin and a lot of problems. But I couldn’t find anywhere the official Unreal Plugin that allows you to import glTF files.

I also checked the Unreal Marketplace - but nothing.

  • Can someone help me out here and post a direct link to the OFFICIAL UNREAL glTF IMPORTER?
  • Installation instructions, and maybe somewhere a mini-tutorial that shows how that works?

Thanks a lot!

It’s bundled in the Engine as default, just enable it in the Built-In plugins.

After you have enabled it, you don’t have to do anything, just import glTF files as you’d do with other formats.

(If for some reason it’s not included in Unreal Studio, then sorry for my ignorant comment, but it is the case for the Unreal Engine.)

Thank you so much… I double checked that before… it’s all activated.

I was able to import files, but the import looks very messy. And the geo looks like it’s broken.

you can download that file here:

after import


Were you able to check it in any 3D program if the downloaded file is actually valid and looks as it does on the picture? It’s possible that the website you’re using has automatically converted that glTF format in a wrong way.

If it’s perfect on your local machine (Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, …), then it is probably a bug, and as @pf_breton mentioned, you better open a ticket for it so they can check it out.

one more thing: what about the other way around?

meaning… can you export glTF files from the Unreal Engine?

I don’t believe so, I think UE4 only exports FBX, and you can convert that yourself to whatever you prefer. I’m not a 100% sure on it tho.

thx Kristof… well… if I want to check the geometry lets say in 3dsmax… I would need to have a plugin for that tool as well, right?
I was also looking for a 3dsmax gLTF importer… but heck… lot’s of discussions about it… lot’s of forum posts… but I am not able to find a gLTF Import Plugin for 3dsmax.

I am not a developer… I don’t understand the code or their program language.
I also found something from a group called Khronos… but I was not able to find something to download on github…

it’s a real riddle … uuaahhhh

I was able to find an exporter from Datasmith.
An Exporter for 3dsmax that allows you to save a Datasmith file - but NOT a glTF file.

another test, downloading this statue:

no matter what I try… all seems to be broken…

Statue Free download model in gITF fromat:


Broken Geo after import using the gITF import


Blender 2.8 seems to have it built-in, maybe it’s worth a try “The Khronos glTF 2.0 importer and exporter is enabled by default in beta versions of Blender 2.8.”

I’m afraid I don’t have better ideas for now, as I’m not a 3D artist myself :slight_smile:


I can reproduce the problem on our side. Thanks for reporting we will have a look.

yeah, it looks like it’s scanned geo… but even so… at the end it’s an .fbx or .obj file… but more and more objects are getting scanned theses days… it’s fast, and easy… and for some reason… sketchfab users are going more and more into that direction… so yes, it’s for sure highly appreciated if the gITF import also works with scanned data… thanks a lot for looking into that issue!

Hey Y’all, just upgraded to C4D S22 which has a glTF exporter and can replicate the same issue as of today.

This is great to have though! Thanks for everything on this!

Any traction on UE4 responding to the glft import issue? I’ve experienced it as well.

The mesh contains some sub-meshes in a lot of glTF files. The glTF importer(official) plugin doesn’t transform all sub-meshes to the absolute position/rotation/scale. You have to transform it manually.

You can try my plugin - glTF for UE4, it is free. It supports to transform the mesh’s section to the absolute position/rotation/scale or to import your level by relative position/rotation/scale.

Following is the result by glTF for UE4.

For example:


My result:

You can see the mesh was split to some sub-meshes. You can import all sub-meshes into your level by the import option - Import Level. And you also can import the glTF file to the editor, but you have to chose the option Apply Absolute Transform to avoid transform meshes manually.