How to import fluid animation 100% prebaked

I want to have a object lift out of water and have the water drop(drips) from the object, and doesnt need to be interact with, so it may be 100% prebaked.

so i did make the animation in blender, but i cant seem to correctly export the fluid animation to UE4.8.

steps i do:

  1. (Blender 2.74) make simple fluid simulation and bake it (using the Bake button in the Fluid domain Physics tab)
    (maybe i need to bake it an other way after that?)

  2. (Blender 2.74) Export it to FBX, well here are a lot of options, first im not sure wich version to use FBX 7.4 Binary or 6.1 ASCII Mainly i select version 7.4 and enable Apply Modifiers, Baked Animation, NLA Strips and All actions. (i tried many different options)

  3. (UE4.8) Import FBX, and enable Import morph targets, import animations, import local transform. same goes here i tried a lot of different options.

I hope someone can help me with this and put me in the right direction.

As I understand it, the Blender FBX exporter can handle skeletal animation and shape keys. Because the physical simulations are neither, you can’t use the output directly.

I did manage to use the cloth simulator to place a blanket on a bed model, but with that I could just apply the result of the simulation. I wasn’t interested in any intermediate states, just the way the blanket ended up folding.

Instead of using the Blender fluid simulator, would you be opposed to creating the entire thing in UE4? You could use particles for water droplets, and an animated material for any water running down the sides of the object. You could even create meshes for the water droplets with morph target animations if you want some extra detail. Another solution would be to use particles for the entire water effect, having them run down the object and drip off the end.

Here’s a helpful bit of documentation for working with particles to create water: Water Particles

I think somewhere I’ve seen someone working on a Blender to UE4 fluid sim exporter, but can’t find it now… regardless, the above solution is probably your best bet, even though a direct exporter for Blender fluid simulations would be awesome.

Cheers and good luck!

That defeats the whole purpose of wanting to go pre baked. Niagara is daunting and inefficient. And the link is general, no specific section of the manual. Thank you.