How to import FBX animation to a camera in level sequence?

I create a Camera Cuts Track, then add a camera binding to it.Now I want to import a FBX animation to this camera. In sequencer editor, I can use the “import…” command in the right-click-popup menu.
How can I do the same work as “import…” command with python?
I wanna offer the FBX path and import option as parameter without pop up the file browser and option window, it that possible?

Is there any know how to do this?

Currently no way to do this, although I think it may be coming in 4.23. If you want to do it yourself, you can look into the python FBX SDK FBX Software Developer Kit 2018.0 | Autodesk Developer Network

You can find examples of FBX import and export in LevelSequencer under the following directory.
“Epic Games\UE_4.23\Engine\Plugins\MovieScene\SequencerScripting\Content\Python\”

Thanks a lot, I will look into it.