How to import Dynamic Destruction Chunks from Houdini with correct normals and material slots

Hi, I’m creating fractured meshes in Houdini that I’d like to use as Dynamic Destruction Mesh chunks. Unfortunately, I have two big problems I need to overcome.

The first is that the normals don’t show up correctly when I import the mesh using the “import FBX chunks” button in the dynamic fracture mesh. Everything is faceted. Oddly, when I import the same file as a static mesh in the content browser, the normals show up correctly. What is different between the two import methods? I’ve tried to use the exact same settings with each method, but the fbx chunks method shows up differently.

My second problem is that when I import the fbx chunks in the dynamic destruction mesh, Unreal generates a single material slot for EACH CHUNK, and for each material on each chunk! This makes it nearly impossible to assign materials correctly, because you may get well over 100 material slots. Again, if I import it as a static mesh, I get the correct number of material slots. How can I avoid this problem for fbx chunks? I saw it mentioned somewhere that 4.19 might have a fix for this? Is that true?

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it!