How to Import Detailed Character Face and Body Animation


I hope this is the right place to post this question! I’m a student who is new to Unreal Engine and trying to create a short film using character rigs provided by my professors and are commonly used by other students like in Animation Mentor. I’m having trouble importing characters from Maya into Unreal and getting everything to import over successfully. I have been researching and I am baking the animation onto the joints to import over but I’m not able to bring the ENTIRE character over, just sections on the body not connected (ex: the head separate from the torso). I have been following this video here (How to Import a Character with Animations to Unreal Engine | Animator’s Resource - YouTube) to import but again, it’s not getting the entire figure even when I have tried selecting all of the joints to bake the animation to. I know people have made film with characters that have facial and body acting, but for some reason I can’t figure out how to get it to work for me.

Here is the rig I’m using: Janine Maya Rig

I’m working on Maya 2020 to Unreal Engine 4. If this rig can’t be imported according to the Youtube video I linked then I will need to use a rig that is “game ready” which I am open to doing. If anyone knows of free or inexpensive (I am a student) rigs that have detailed face and body animations for character acting then the help would be greatly appreciated. I did go looking for some “game ready” rigs but all I saw were warrior looking playable characters. I need stylized simple people who are having a conversation, nothing bold looking.

Thanks in advance for any help with importing a full character animation!

I think you should use alembic files instead of fbx

@silvermehran Thanks for the reply! I’ve started looking into alembic files (still new to everything and learning so much!) and I hope this will solve my issue of getting the finer details of the animation. Thank you again for the advice.