How to import character using mesh modifier in blender

I have a complex character mesh and after weeks of futile struggle with weight painting I discovered mesh modifier in blender -_- which was a life saver and made it so easy to get decent deformation. However I have no idea how to import the character to UE4 now without having the deform mesh showing up. Help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hello mcgillchris. Try to set the mesh scale to 100.0 in blender fbx export :slight_smile:

Im no blender user, but I googled it and it looks like some sort of lattice or harmonic deformer (in maya language).
I highly doubt youll be able to get that into UE4 as its not supported by the fbx pipeline.

Unless someone writes a plugin that makes UE4 support that type of things somehow, youll have to stick with awesome skin weight painting.

Hmmm, wouldn’t this just make it bigger?

@adeptus BOOOO

How would y’all weight paint a character with multiple layers of clothing? I’ve got a character with arm armor and it seems impossible to weight paint without horrible things happening to it and its not smooth at all? Do I have to convert it into one single layer? I really want to have that feel of one piece of armor sliding over the other. 87c44116b6cd9de6c5a687c81dfaaeec0286b979.jpeg

does blender have a function to copy skinning from one mesh to an other via world space coordinates?
Thats the trick.
That and having the cloth using the same polygon density and resolution across all meshes. If you have clothes that have less points than the underlying body, youll have that body intersect through the clothes where the cloth resolution cant cover the underlying protruding details.

This kind of work is pretty intricate, the way I have normally done it is you get your weighting correct on the body mesh then yes the Transfer Mesh Data tool to copy that weighting to each of the clothing parts which will then need some fixing up, best way is to have some poses on different keyframes to see what happens in extreme poses etc.