How to import Camera from 3ds Max, into Matinee?

I’m struggling with this. I’ve got my camera attached to bones that are animated in 3ds max. Not sure what the proper thing I need to do, but the camera is doing everything it needs to in Max.

Fast forward to Unreal (tested a few different versions) - I can’t seem to get the FBX importer in Matinee to do anything… at all. Like zero feedback when I select a file (I choose Import FBX document and then it’s like nothing at all - no error warnings (that I can see) no change to Matinee, nothing), so I honestly have no idea what to do to get a camera and it’s path/rotation/etc into Unreal4.

I’ve dug around documents and haven’t found anything that really helps me in this regard. I appreciate any pointers.


This isn’t a supported feature out of the box, but Weevilman has created an export script for Max. I have yet to use it so I don’t know how well it works or if it works for the newer versions of the engine, but it’s worth a try: Unreal Engine 4 - Camera Animation Exporter | ScriptSpot

For camera export the camera can’t be attached to any object, it needs to be by itself. Also, the coordinates in UE4 are rotated, so your animation needs to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise around the z-axis.
I would use that script that was posted^ looks like it does all the baking and repositioning for you

I import the camera (animated with 3ds max) directly from matinee (put a matinee into my level, open it, and files-> import) and it’s work very well only I don’t get my camera target ?
So my camera fallow the animation I done on 3ds but don’t fallow the target.
Does anyone know how to handle that ?