How to import Camera fbx into sequence and make it spawnable?

Hi guys, I am trying to make a script that can automatically import camera fbx file into sequence and the problem is:
when I try to make it spawnable(using add_spawnable_from_class()), what the function returned is the bindingproxy, which I can’t use to edit what inside the sequence, so basically I am stucked in this point, anyone has any advise or suggestion?
my import function is basically is:

def createCamera(levelSequence, cameraPath, fbxCamName='UNREAL_CAMERA_SHOT'): cine_camera = unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.spawn_actor_from_class(unreal.CineCameraActor, unreal.Vector())
binding = levelSequence.add_possessable(cine_camera)
possessable = levelSequence.add_possessable(cine_camera.get_cine_camera_component())
camera_id = unreal.MovieSceneObjectBindingID()
camera_id.set_editor_property('guid', binding.get_id())
camera_cut_track = levelSequence.add_master_track(unreal.MovieSceneCameraCutTrack)
camera_section = camera_cut_track.add_section() camera_section.set_range(0.0, 1000.0)
# possessable = levelSequence.add_spawnable_from_class(wo)
import_setting = unreal.MovieSceneUserImportFBXSettings()
import_setting.set_editor_property('create_cameras', False)
import_setting.set_editor_property('force_front_x_axis', False)
import_setting.set_editor_property('match_by_name_only', True)
import_setting.set_editor_property('reduce_keys', False)
import_setting.set_editor_property('reduce_keys_tolerance', 0.001)
world = unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.get_editor_world()
cam = unreal.SequencerTools.import_fbx(world, levelSequence, [binding], import_setting, cameraPath)

anyone has any idea how to go through the bindingproxy?

I don’t know if you ever worked this out? I’ll put this here though in case someone else finds it helpful.

I’ve done something similar recently and there’s a method on the sequence to “make_binding_id” If you pass the SequencerBindingProxy to that you can create a binding id that you can then use with a camera cut track. If that’s what you were trying to do?…ake_binding_id

sequence = unreal.load_asset("/Game/....SEQ")
binding = sequence.add_possessable(cine_camera)
binding_id = sequence.make_binding_id(binding, unreal.MovieSceneObjectBindingSpace.LOCAL)
track = seq.add_master_track(unreal.MovieSceneCameraCutTrack)
section = track.add_section()

in my case I had to set it to local space because the sequence was nested in main sequence and that stopped it working.

Hope that helps…