How to import Blueprints from file due to previous Project won't open

Hi, I spent the past 3 days creating a procedural building in blueprints, it opened before and I made some tweeks with the meshes and adjusted the dimensions. I closed the editor to re-open it to activate VR and now the editor won’t open the project and keeps crashing. how can I import the blueprints in to a new project so I haven’t lost all my hard work.

Well lucky I made duplicates of the original blueprint in the Editor as the original blueprint won’t open at all. fhew, I was freaking out like a frog in a sock. I have now made backups of the blueprints into another folder just in case.

There’s also auto saves and backups in your projects folder under Saved.

yeah but the original blueprint wouldn’t open even in the new project. every time I right clicked on it, it would just crash the editor. I have sent Epic a bug message in Answer and also via debug crash