How to import animation?


I have exported animation with mesh from DAZ3D Studio and trying to import it to the UE 4.8 P4.

I already have imported mesh to the UE from another file from the same DAZ3D Studio with same skeleton and trying to import to the UE only animation from FBX file. It’s gets error:

If I trying to import whole content of this file, only mesh, skeleton imported and no animation imported from file.
Why UE 4 can’t import animation from this FBX file? Is this a bug?



In your file, bones have animation curve, but character not move. All keys have same data.

I am not found solution for direct transfer models and animation from DAZ3D to UE4.

Try to use methods from this tutorials:

Can your UE dev team provide functionality to import animation from DAZ3D to UE?

It would be usefull…

Update of the post…


I’ve made two tutorials, which provides simple ways for importing from DAZ3D to UE 4:

  1. How to import animation from DAZ3D to UE 4

  2. How to import animation for existing mesh from DAZ3D to UE 4.

I hope that it will be helpful for you.