How to import and setup Shooter Game example for my level?

I found similar topics but still not quiet clear what to do. I right clicked on the “shooter game” level’s asset folder and clicked migrate and took it to my project folder called “Player”, to help if i make some confusion by the name. I’m trying to get it to where I can play the gameplay exactly like I did in the example. I have the folders by the look of it

so what would be the next step. like how do i setup game mode and and other stuff so that i can play it. Also in its in folders or tabs go through it slowly so i can understand where you are going. like “File> Save as >” as an example. Also how do i get it to spawn the bots in the game as well?

I can’t find ShooterGame_TeamDeathMatch in the world properties for my project like i could in the example one even though i migrated all the folders over. Should i just copy and drag all the files from Shooter game into Player? idk what i should do. i want to test out my level with bots in it and see how it runs

You can’t migrate the Shooter Game content into another project and play the ShooterGame content because ShooterGame is a C++ project and has various chunks of code assigned to it, and some of it’s blueprints are based off of those unique code classes. If you don’t know C++, it’s better to merge your project with ShooterGame instead.

Well i don’t know C++ but when i made the level i used the First person shooter example that had C++. but how would i go about merging them together?

Migrate your own assets to Shooter Game.

if i did that would i have to resetup my map? how would i remove the example map and replace with mine?

It’s not possible, you can’t simply merge C++ projects into one another. It just doesn’t work that way.

I don’t think there’s a way to Migrate maps, but if you keep the same folder structure you should be able to copy your .umap file into the same directory in ShooterGame, and it will load fine when you open it (providing you migrated any assets used in the map from your project to ShooterGame first). Once in there, go into World Settings > Game Type, and you’ll be able to choose the ShooterGameTeamDeathmatch game mode (or whatever it’s actually called), and providing your level has all the necessary components like a Player Start for example, you’ll spawn in the level as the ShooterGame pawn and you’ll be able to play on your own map.

In future, it’s best to avoid merging altogether and base your project on ShooterGame instead of merging it over later.

ya for now on ill do that, i was new and i didn’t realize the Shooter game when i started. i could just reimport into UE4 my static messes. i haven’t down anything major besides blocking out the level and i have a maya file with the static meshes placed in accurate size so i could just drag them back into ue4 if that would work best. but if i were to start over, how could i have it so it would be on a blank new level area in ShooterGame and not on the map that it starts u out with by default “highrise” or “sanctuary”, forgot the name of it.

The same way you usually would, just click File > New Level. The only thing you need to make sure you do in the level is setup the ‘ShooterGame’ game mode in World Settings for each level :slight_smile:

Hey Angel - please avoid bumping old posts about this, you already have a thread in the C++ forum.


If you just want the level then Windows > Levels and in the dialogue select the level that you want to migrate. Most cases this will be a single persistent and once selected go Levels > Migrate and migrate it to your project. This will only migrate the assets contained with in the level and not non-dependencies in the content browser.

As a tip working with Levels can do some really cool things than just manage levels. I use level control to add a demo level from an added asset package, select the ready made asset, and copy it it to my persistence level and remove the demo level.