How to import an FBX Mech character correctly into UE4 with skeleton

Hi guys,

I have recently purchased this product from turbosquid:…cfm/ID/789273

It comes as an FBX already built and rigged. When I import the FBX into Cinema 4d, it’s built properly and all parts are in the correct place for it to look like a Mech. However, when I import the FBX into UE4, it imports every single part of the mech character as a separate mesh (over 40 or 50 separate parts) so I was wondering what could I be doing wrong?

Am I missing to tick a box in the importing options to avoid this, or do I need to do extra work outside UE4?

I’m planning to use this thread for the entire progress of this project as I will have several other questions regarding this!

Thanks in advance,