How to import an FBX (from Blender) that includes camera tracking?

Hi folks,

Just a very quick explanation of what i’m trying to do:

I’m working in Blender creating video art (nothing to do with games), and i want to be able to bring layers of my animated scene into UE4 to specifically take advantage of it’s in camera FX (bokeh, DOF etc.) as well as lighting and volumetrics.

So basically i’ll need to import geometry, possibly materials and most importantly an already tracked camera. So when i import the scene in UE4, i’ll get the exact same camera angle, lens width etc. So i can create my FX, then export for further compositing together with my Blender footage.

My stumbling block is i simply don’t understand how (or even if it’s possible!!??) one goes about importing a tracked camera into UE4 that included that animated camera track. I’ve checked some youtube tuts and i think it has something to do with the master sequencer so i tried creating a camera there and right click, import FBX, but then i get the message “failed to find any matching camera for cinema actor xxxxxx”.

Basically i’m clueless and i feel like i’m just randomly clicking the settings hoping it will work. There are so many tutorials but they’re almost all aimed at someone creating a game, which is not what i’m interested in!

And just one other question: is it likely / possible that an animated camera view will match up in two softwares, if, say, they’re both using a 50mm lens? So you could lay them one on top of the other and the perspective and lines will match up? I mean, it wouldn’t work with two real cameras, because of slight lens differences, but perhaps this is something that works and is often done in the VFX world?!

Any words of wisdom, tips or link would be greatly appreciated… cheers!

For anyone who comes across this thread looking for answers, this tool will do the job -