How to Import an Exported Blueprint Copy File

You shouldn’t do it. Check this

You should use migrate.

There’s an option under asset actions (right-click in content-browser) to export a blueprint. It results in a .copy file that, when opened in a text-editor, resembles visualbasic. How do we re-import this into UE4 as a blueprint? I tried going through the Import option in the content-browser, but it does not see the .copy file.

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I haven’t worked with .copy but most of my saved blueprints are just the .uasset that I then copy into the content folder of the new project. you can also use migrate if you have something with dependencies as EvilCleric states.

The ability to open the blueprint in a text editor is very useful - just odd that there is no way to reimport after the edits.

Then you have to use ‘migrate’…

You get the same thing if you copy all nodes in the BP and paste the clipboard into a text file.

You don’t need to import it, just make a new BP of the correct type and paste the contents of the text file into the graph.

Is there way to include all the functions and variable declarations as well? Otherwise this is not an equivalent solution.

I’m interested in being able to edit the text file the export function generates before reimporting to Unreal. Migrate doesn’t allow for that.

Ok. Sounds like a difficult way around things, but…

You can export, edit, and drop the file back into windows explorer.

But… never do that if the file is supposed to have any dependencies. ( Like Cleric says ).

I already have the file in the Content directory of the project, but it doesn’t show up as a blueprint (or at all) in UE, which is why I posted this question. I have existing projects with blueprints that I’m trying to batch edit.

The export file wont show up. Uasset files will show.

I don’t know of any way to bulk edit BPs I’m afraid…

What do you mean by drop the file back into Windows Explorer? Even before doing any edits, the exported file (.copy) does not show in the content browser for UE.

No, you can drop asset files directly into the file explorer in windows and they magically show up in the engine. Not a recomended route.

If you’re very into working on the text instead of a BP, why not use C++?

Everything’s text then.

Thanks so much for this! I had a bad issue with one of my BP where one component was “attached” to another and when i tried to delete it the editor would crash. i resolved it by going back to a old version but it really bothered me there was no way to make sure the root cause was resolved.

Using this i copied it out, removed the weird component and pasted it back…and like magic it worked!

Thanks so much @ClockworkOcean