How to import an animated camera to Sequencer?

How to import an animated camera to Sequencer?

anyone know?

and also I can’t find the eye-dropper for my camera focus. I’m using 4.12.

i would also love to know this

hey hey, so i sorta figured out something.

using a newly created Maya camera, I animated it, rotated it -90 degrees in Y axis (some bug issue I havent found an answer for yet), exported it as an FBX, baking the animation as well.

In Unreal Level Sequencer, Create a camera -> right-click on the top node -> “Import” the exported camera FBX

Just click on the ‘Transform’ section under the Unreal camera to find the keyframes and slide along the timeline if needed.

maybe this image will help too:

Did this break in 4.21?
Followed the exact steps above, in Sequencer no keys show up after the import while the camera imports into Matinee perfectly.

The camera in Matinee is frame for frame accurate, but when we convert said matinee to Sequencer, the animation gets totally destroyed, the rotations go nuts,
Rotations are bugging as hell in Sequencer to begin with, so it’s not surprising I guess, but matinee isn’t where we’d like to be working.

i very sad this situation because different camera export 3ds max but not working any method. 16:9 standart is perfect but any camera is doesnt work. manuel doesnt work. please help.

@Mike_Kennedy can you submit a bug for this? Unreal Engine Community