How to import an already downloaded unreal engine to the epic games launcher

Problem solved by opening the unreal engine directly from path/engine/binaries/ue4editor.
hope it helps someone.


Some month ago I downloaded Unreal Engine 4.24 and the latest version of epic games launcher at that time.

After reinstalling the windows, I had to download epic games launcher again, I was thinking about importing the unreal engine 4.24 back into the launcher and start to work with it again.

Even though I have done that many times in unity engine, “Importing and already downloaded version to the unity hub” I can’t do the same in epic games launcher.

Is there anyway to do it?

Epic games launcher 10.18.8-14321006+++Portal+Release-Live
Unreal engine 4.24 located at Location G:/Unreal Engine/UE_4.24

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Note: this method no longer works (using Epic Games Launcher 14.7.1). The correct method is given here: Changing the Location of a Previous Installation of Unreal Engine.

I’m replying to this topic even though it is old, as it shows up first in the Google search engine, ahead of The launcher doesn’t recognize versions already installed in requested folder, which does give a currently valid answer.