How to import a Particle Effect in Unreal Engine?

Unreal Engine allows us to import textures, models, materials, animations, simulations, sounds, video etc. Assets in various formats that were created in other applications can be imported to UE4.

But how can we import a particle effect in Unreal Engine? For example, a particle system made in 3ds Max to be imported in UE4 and act as an UE4 particle. Is this possible?

crickets… and yes, would be nice to have a particle import option from Max, Maya, Houdini & Blender into Unreal…

You can’t, particle systems in different softwares are so different that they are not compatible. It’s not like materials which can work of the same physical properties, each software sets them up in a completely different way. The best you can do is render it to a video/image sequence to use in some way, or it might be possible to bake it to Alembic