How to import a Model


I’m trying to add some of my assets to unreal’s asset store, but I’m struggling quite a bit since I’ve only worked with Unity.

I have this unrigged torture chair asset that doesn’t contain animations. It is divided by the main body, and then all the components that I want to be possible to animate in unreal.

So in unity, when I had something to import like this, I would export a .fbx that contained all the separate objects that form this torture chair model. When I import it to Unity it gets imported as 1 model, that when I click on it, it’s actually divided into multiple objects that I can animate separately. The only thing I had to worry about was to make sure the pivot points where correct.

In Unreal, however, I try to import this same model, and it either imports my model in all separate pieces, making a mess of the menu thing where I see all the models. Or it imports me 1 solid object that would only be useful if I had a skeleton. The pivot points don’t even stay the same.

Is there any way to make unreal do the thing I described in Unity? Do models with these characteristics have to be rigged (it seems like it)?

UE4 does not have a hierarchy like Unity does. What you’d have to do is import the parts separately and combine them within a Blueprint, or you’d need to attach them together in your 3D package (in 3ds Max this would be linking things in a hierarchy) and then import as a Skeletal Mesh and then you could animate it like a rig. UE4 even has a basic animation tool for Skeletal Meshes.

As darthviper107 said, you basically have to take all your separate pieces and make your own prefab