How to import 3ds max GROUP to have 1 static mesh with seprated elements

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as title:

how can i import 1 3ds max oject GROUP and import it in Unreal to have 1 static mesh with seprated elements?

for exemple Archmodels

i get this

but i need that

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When importing a Static Mesh, there’s a checkbox “Combine Meshes”.

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thx man, but if i combine a scene i get this:

i need to have many objects :frowning:

i know there is an easy way. many video from youtube become from archinteriors/archmodels and they are groups on 3ds max

i think there is a way to import “group” from 3ds max but i don’t understanding how

In 3Ds Max, select your Group and then go to Export -> Export Selected

yep i did it.

the scene u see have 4 groups with subobjects

i export all the scene and i get an FBX

when i go on unreal

if i import without “combine” i have this without groups


if i use “combine mesh” i get this in one only mesh:


You can write a script that copies the objects, merges them with the subobjects (per object) and then import without combining meshes.

In 3ds Max, for the objects that need to be a single object (like a chair) you need to Attach them within the Editable Poly. Then you can export multiple separate objects (like chairs and table) and then uncheck Combine Meshes to get separate chairs etc.

ok, so the only way is “attach”?

is there a script to transform “groups” elements in “attach”? :slight_smile:

Soulburn Scripts (a must have when working in max) contains the script objectAttacher.
From the docs: “Takes your current selection and attaches the objects together. Works on geometry and splines.”