How to import 3D models from other websites?

Sorry, just wondering, how do I do this? Do I have to use Blender first or can I save them in my folders some way. Thank you.

Anyone here?

I they are not a compatible file format for UE4 you will need to open the model in the software it was saved in and then export it as .fbx

What format are the models in? Blender is somewhat limited in what formats it will import. It doesn’t really like to import 3ds max files for some reason.

it is this Capital N160815 - 3D model (*.gsm+*.3ds) for interior 3d visualization. | Columns with what do I have to open it? Or I mean what do I have to do?

It is probably gsm… I don’t know. But what do I have to do to open it with Unreal engine?

GSM? That is a format for mobile audio. Anyway general rules for this are… You should try to export any model to an fbx format because it is an industry standard. Most 3d modeling, rendering, animating and texturing tools use the fbx format. When converting any model from its original format to fbx some important information may be lost like vertex grouping or origin points or even mess up the scale. Be careful purchasing models from programs like daz studio because they are in a proprietary format unreal doesn’t recognize or at least it didn’t a few builds ago.

Ahh it says the models are in both .GSM and .3ds which is 3ds max. You will need license to 3ds max to open the file and export into .fbx because unreal doesn’t support .3ds. With that said I haven’t gone over the release notes for 4.9 yet so I don’t know if they added support but I doubt it because it isn’t in wide use. .obj and .fbx are used by many different applications so it makes sense to have the support there. If you need to get models look for those formats .obj and .fbx you can find some free ones at turbosquid.

Ok, yes, I’ll download something else. :slight_smile: