How to import 3d maps from blender

So I have a map I made with Blender but can’t figure out how to import it into Unreal. I have also tried to make a map in Unreal its self but that didn’t work the way I needed it to. I’m trying to build a house that you can walking go up stairs etc.

Thanks for any help

Maps as in grass fields and such or maps as in Houses and buildings by themselves?

As for landscapes I suggest trying to bake that down onto a heightmap and import it in UE4 using the landscape tool. For everything else(other than lighting fx for example) you export separate instances in FBX file format

Here’s a guide that covers all the basic topics you need to be aware of. I’d pay special attention to the section about Base UVs if you haven’t heard about UV maps before. This is really important for getting the materials to display properly.

Static Mesh from Blender:

Alright thank you all, but When I import the one of my house into unreal it imports fine but when I run the level it acts like there is a collisionbox over the top (the house has no roof so that the player can get in), can anyone tell me why?

You have to create a proper collision: :slight_smile:

Thank you but how can I do the same thing this a house? He uses a object that you can’t go inside.

If you open the mesh inside of UE, you can create it’s collision quite a few ways but the two I prefer are Auto Convex Collision and a heavier Per-poly collision

If you open the Auto Convex Collision from the Collision drop down you get the menu in the lower right where you can set how accurate you want it to generate collisions. If that isn’t accurate enough you can use Opt 2 which uses the mesh as the collision box

Thank you dotdog20 :slight_smile: Thank you all :slight_smile: I have it working now