How to import 24 fps and 25 fps animation in to unreal

I do believe that unreal converts key data to curves so animation fps should not realy mater, but in my experience if you do get differing results there are some things you can check, (same for any engine), check if you are compressing the animation in engine, this might cause glitches in small/fast transitions. Also check you curve editor in your 3deditor, (maya/3d studio etc), and make sure you curves are not all “flat” in their transition, if they are make sure your problem area at-least has nice curve angles since this is exported and sometimes causes different result in engine.

// all I could think up atm, hope that helped.

Hi everyone ,
We are new to unreal and We are testing unreal engine for real time rendering in our studio . we are happy with almost every aspect with unreal and we try to import 24 fps animation into unreal but there is a small problem we are facing when we import .we used ARTv1 from market place to make a test rig in maya and did a small starch and squash animation and exported as FBX using ARTv1 animation export tool .when we import there is a small jerk in animation but we opened the same FBX in maya there is no jerk so we assume unreal is converting 24 fps animation into 30 or some fps when in import … is there any other way / workaround to get 24 fps animation work in unreal ? … (if you need more info plz let me know ) Thx :slight_smile:

Hi Kipplinger . thx for your reply . i checked with unity but its not working how i want it to be . anyhow i will check for more info in net . btw i tried everything u told but no use… In my maya file its all looking good it only happen with the engine .if i found anything in the net i will post here . and if some one know how to fix it plz help me on this … thx a lot

Hi ,i tested in UE4 v4.15.3 it import in 24 fps and works when i change Interpolation to “Step” but when i testing it with UE4 v4.16.2 its not importing in 24 fps . i believe its a Bug in 4.16.2 or i did some mistake i am not sure . anyhow now i know i can import 24fps animation in to UE4 …

I found a unreal bug report it says just mention UE-45523 in the post. so i am adding this .