How to implement Speech recognition?

How to implement speech recognition?
I Want to have speech recognition in my project but i dont know how to implement it.
Anything would help me

Hello and thank you for posting.

Voice recognition is quite fun. I did manage to find a relevant tutorial from Microsoft. I followed it and it works. The only tweak I did was use the Windows Mixed Reality Plugin which will be removed at a later time.

I hope this information helps.

WARNING: This is an external link and as the end user, you are responsible should something happen to your device when you choose to click a link or follow steps that are not endorsed by Epic.

Is this for the Hololens 2 device only?! Thank you.

You can take a look at the RuntimeSpeechRecognizer plugin, which is based on Whisper AI, namely whisper.cpp. It’s cross-platform and works offline. It’s also completely free and open source.

GitHub link: GitHub - gtreshchev/RuntimeSpeechRecognizer: Cross-platform, real-time, offline speech recognition plugin for Unreal Engine. Based on Whisper OpenAI technology, whisper.cpp.

Marketplace link (But please prefer downloading from GitHub as we’ve noticed some issues with the Marketplace language model staging): Runtime Speech Recognizer in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

If anyone has found great instructions for how to set this up in Blueprint, please share! I’ve been searching, and could really use some breadcrumbs!