How to implement scrolling in a uniform grid panel?

How can I scoll in my uniform grid panel when my child widgets are outside?

Hi, have you found any solution yet? I’m currently facing same problem.

I’m looking into that too. The Uniform Grid panel seems pretty useless since it sqeezes the contained widgets.

Try to put a Wrap Box inside a Scroll Box, that seems to be what you are looking for

If I understand your question right you want to make it a scroll box. You need to do Scroll Box, as a child of the Scroll Box put a Canvas Panel, and as a child of the Canvas place a uniform grid. Size the uniform grid to match the scroll box and it should work. Hope that helps.

I had the same problem. This answer is almost right.
The Scroll box only takes into account its immediate children when knowing what to scroll.
So the order of parent → child would need to be:
Canvas Panel or Size Box → Scroll Box → Grid