How to implement MoveToLocation with an AIController

Hi. I’m finding it hard to find C++ tutes for using AIController.Anyway…
Using Unreal 4.20.
I have a Enemy class derived from Pawn. Then BP_Enemy is a blueprint of Enemy.
I’ve set up a EnemyAIController class that extends AIController.
In BP_Enemy I have set AutoPossess AI to Place in World or Spawned. AIController Class is set to EnemyAIController.

In EnemyAIController::Tick I get the location of the Player with
FVector actorLocation = GetWorld()->GetFirstPlayerController()->GetPawn()->GetActorLocation(); and that works.

But calling this->MoveToLocation(actorLocation); from the EnemyAIController Tick method does nothing.

The enemies spawn on the screen but they don’t move.

In the Enemy class that is the base for BP_Enemy I don’t have a movement component set up. But wasn’t sure if that’s necessary.
I also wasn’t sure if the appropriate thing to do was to get a reference to the AIController from within Enemy and then call MoveToLocation from there.

Could do with some advice pls.


U need the navigation system for this to work: Navmesh Content Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation