How to implement movement action independent of character rotation, dependent on world space movement

I’m making a top-down game where the character moves with wasd and looks 360 degrees with mouse location independent of movement. I’m trying to implement a dash with launch character that dashes in the direction the player is moving. The dash currently ‘works’ but only when the character is facing up and it’s xy axis matches the world’s xy axis.


when facing up and pressing ‘d’ the character moves right and dashes right

when facing down and pressing ‘d’ the character moves right and dashes left, causing a slight retrograde before continuing rightward movement.

I would like the dash to ignore the character’s position and only dash in the direction the character is currently moving.

Here’s my blueprint, the top section is the mouse rotation look:

Thank you for any answers/feedback!

Update: I figured it out. Just disconnected Get ForwardVector and Get RightVector from Make Rotator and it works fine.