How to implement glide like flying

So currently I have this weird double jump glide system. Basically, when the second jump is finished I change the gravity scale to 0.8 from 1. This causes the player to glide downwards at a slower pace. Here’s an example of it.

Double Jump Glide

The game Journey used a flying system that I quite liked when I played it. I was hoping to implement something similar to that.

Journey Flight

Any ideas how I can improve the current thing I’ve got going, or any ideas on how to tackle this in another way?
I know this will probably end up being quite hard to do. So any ideas on how to go about will be helpful.

I need the same answer i need just to glide like spyro but i have lots of problem.
I hope someone will find the answer

I think your best course of action would not be to play with gravity too much. Rather make changes to you fly control, fly speed and mass when you need it to glide (e.g. Boolean: ‘Is in air’ or ‘is Gliding’ → set max fly speed 200 + set fly control 0.2). Not accurate, but just to give you an idea of what I mean.
You could also try to work with physics and give your character a vector force to give it some fake wind resistance while falling/gliding. Although this is a bit more advanced.
Best of luck :slight_smile: