How to implement Epic Online Services SDK to UE4 for my game?


With the new epic online services announces, could someone tell me how I would implement it into UE4 for my game?

A community member works on a plugin, he is currently busy updating it with 1.6. Made a post yesterday to discuss player storage in more detail.

[PLUGIN]](Search Result - Unreal Engine Forums) Epic Online Services

**Epic Online Service - Player Data Storage **

If you want to use EOS in blueprints, there is a EOS plugin available: (EOSCore::)…36cd7bc03fb416
There is also a downloadable example project available

There is also an official WIP Plugin by Epic Games themselves. It can be found under

Reportedly Epic Games made it work with the ShooterGame example found under “Legacy Projects” under the “Learn Tab” inside the Epic Games Launcher. I’m trying to replicate that on my machine. Wish me luck.