How to Implement Edit Mode


I’m fairly new to Unreal, so sorry if I’m posting in the wrong section.

But, I am making a 3rd person game where my character is mostly in his house, and I am trying to implement a function where the character can enter an edit mode in game, and change the materials/mesh of the home.

For example: pressing “e” will put you in edit mode, where I can select a rug and change its material and/or shape by selecting an option that has been predetermined. Entering edit mode will pause the game and would save the changes.

That is best case scenario.

I see a lot of this sort of thing in ArchViz videos and demos, but I’ve never seen this exact thing in a 3rd person game. I have no idea how to go about this, though. Any suggestions or even a point in the right direction would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Autumn

For sure, you can do this kind of thing. Although, you don’t actually enter edit mode, you just do things in the game that look like edit mode.

Awesome news! Any hints about how I can go about this?

You basically have to make a game that looks like the editor.

There is no quick fix, you have to do it all.

I know there are market place products that give you editing possibilities, like the widget etc:

( that one’s free :slight_smile: )