How to implement changing game music system

Hi all,

I am trying to implement a music system whereby the game will play tracks in the background that change between them after each song. For instance an example of what I am trying to implement is when you are playing Skyrim or oblivion and music is playing in the background and it changes songs as it goes (Please note I am not talking about tracks changing for combat). If anyone could point me on the right way how to implement this that would be great. I am using 4.26 for my project.


Can’t you just do that from the sound cue using a random?

The idea is you loop the cue.
As soon as it starts over it picks a different track.
Except for it is random, so it could pick the same one.

If you don’t want randomness you could use one of the other nodes to create a sequence.

Does that work or is it too simple?

Ya that works. Thanks!

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