How to implement Air Drag force?

How to implement Air Drag force? I have a physical body, with different forces applied to it in Tick function. So I can calculate the resulting summary force there and calculate drag force, which is dependent on final summary force. But what to do with gravity? Gravity is applied by PhysX engine, and I wont to retain this. Is there some last place, when all forces are calculated and some last force can be applied?

Other situation - is when forces are added from different sources, and it is hard to keep track of them.

Are you using movement component in the actor?

Yes, but how it can help?

Strange thing, actually I found that the only reliable way to apply forces to a body is Actors Tick function. Also Drag can be added with PhysX dampling I think.

When actor moves using any movement component it dose not use physx to simulate the movement.

What movement component are you using?

Yep, thanks for the information. I have the MovementComponent, but does not use it. I apply Forces in Actors tick function to move it. That is part ofte design.

Actually I don’t know if I need movement component in this setup, so I removed it.