How to implement a visible arc of vision that is blocked by objects in the level?

Hi, I’m trying to create a vision arc like the ones used in the game Volume] for the AI bots using blueprints in my project. I have two methods in mind, one involving a brute force approach with ray tracing and another involving scaling instanced static meshes (each of 1 degree arc). The raytrace method is very accurate but it puts a lot of pressure on the GPU and to some extent on the CPU as well. The instanced static meshes method might be cheaper to implement, but not as accurate.

I’d like to know if there are any other methods that can provide accurate results, but not as taxing as the ray tracing method. Maybe something that can be done with materials or something?

You would have to pretty much be doing ray-tracing 60 times a second on thousands of actors with trace debug set to something other than hidden on hardware made in 2003 to feel the impact of ray-tracing your arc of vision.

And that’s with your computer participating in the SETI project.

@Yggdrasil I’m sorry that I forgot to mention it back there, but it’s using ray tracing to update custom meshes and that’s really taxing if you have more than a few of these vision arcs around the level. I’ve disabled shadows on them to increase the performance and the material is very basic, and it did help, but there is still a considerable drop with every new AI bot in the level.