How to Implement a Turn Based Combat System?


My team and I are working on a game that will feature a turn based combat system like Valkyria Chronicles. Unfortunately I am at a loss as to where to begin when it comes to implementing this kind of combat system in UE4. Can you point me in the direction of documentation, tutorials, or anything else you think would be helpful in implementing this kind of system? Also, I want to stick to Blueprint implementation as much as possible.


Valkyria Chronicles Gameplay Example:

How much do you know about blueprints? Your question shouldn’t be “How do I do X system in Unreal Engine 4?” but “How do I do this very specific part of a feature in Unreal Engine 4?”. If you ask yourself that question, it will be much easier to find ways to learn the tools because most of the time you aren’t going to find a tutorial for your particular case.

I haven’t played Valkyria Chronicles but it seems the turn based works this way:

  1. Your character has a bar which defines how much you can do in a turn. Think of it as a variable from 0 to 100. Every action drains something from that variable. You can connect your action specific events to that value. (Say, the press w to move drains 1, the press space to jump drains 10). Once your variable hits 0, your turn ends and you disable player input. Any basic blueprint tutorial should cover that.

2)Once your turn ends, it is the enemy’s turn to move. This would work the same as with your player. Every single action drains from the variable. You could have a bool that defines if it is player turn or enemy turn to define if they should move or not. In this case, just look up for blueprint AI and blueprint communication.

  1. If there are multiple characters to control, look up the posses and unposses functions.

Thanks for your answer! I will begin looking at the Blueprint AI docs and content examples.