How to implement a custom online subsystem

I want to have a framework to manage ue4 process in server environment, such as create ue4 server instance, bring user to those instances, and shutdown accordingly. I have searched the internet and this forum, it seems the best way in china, is to implement one by my self, since steam service is not very populate here and there is other user management software.
The answer hub and forum provided a lot about how to use online subsystem APIs, but there isn’t any doc found about how to extend/implement one. Is there any doc can provide some guidelines, or any source code in the engine can help? A example with codes in UE4 online subsystem, related central server, managed game server would be very nice.

Is there any document about it?

I’ve been looking into implementing a custom online subsystem and AFAICT it doesn’t look too complicated, check the Steam implementation or maybe the Null implementation. Just implement all the relevant interfaces/abstracts starting from [FONT=Courier New]FOnlineSubsystemImpl. The code seems pretty self explanatory and with both the Null and Steam implementation, combined with good comments in the interface headers, you should be able to just do it. :slight_smile:

I can give you a better answer in a couple of months when I’ve attempted it.

still waiting…