How to implement a centralized event system for dialogues

So, I finished my dialogue system. But now I have the problem that I don’t have anything that knows when the player has chosen a specific dialogue option.
I can’t start or end a quest, give a player an item, fire an event that change the dialogue the second time the player talk to an npc or acknowledge in any way that the player used the right or wrong answer.

My dialogue system uses Data Tables to dynamically create the dialogue tree, it’s not hard coded like this tutorial I’ve seen, and inside those tables there is the entire structure of the specific dialogue tree. I created this system so I could just use google sheets to write the dialogues for every npc, then import the CVS as a Data Table and use it dynamically.

I thought about having a hidden value inside my dialogue options. That would be the value of a specific event that fire somewhere, or a function, or having a function that contains a massive switch that allows me to script whatever I want to. But it doesn’t seems practical on the long run, with thousands possible dialogue events.