how to impelement a radar or map for my game

i dont know i hade to add my post in c++ section or here but as i hope it is possible in blueprint i posted here. i worked my hud in udk by flash but now i just started learning slate and dont know much about it but even just explaining generally how to make a map radar for example how will be map resized to a hud draw map and… ill can do it .
thank you

please. no body did it before? even generall explanation can help me

One way to do it would be to add another camera to your level, make it orthographic. Render that to a 2dtexture and display it in your HUD.

Check out the “Blueprint Office” example from the marketplace, it has security cameras. Basically the same thing you want.

Found a pretty simple tutorial on how to do this. Not really the slate option the OP was asking about, but might be a good start.