How to ignore widget components when checking hit result under cursor?

Hit result under cursor relies on the Visibility Trace Channel (or camera).

Widget Component’s quad collision blocks pretty much that one thing only:

  • either add more channels that are not conflicting (in project settings)
  • or set the Collision Presets above to Custom and Ignore Trace Response Visibility / Camera (whichever you’re using for tracing)


I have a actor with a screen space widget component , and in my bp steps I checked whether the actor is under cursor but strange thing is it return true even I am not clicking on the actor mesh.

As in the following pic, when I am clicking around the red area, it still gives me true…


After I digging into the code, I realized the widget component(used to display “InteractiveActor”) is being hit and it returns true with the hit actor being its owner.

I see in the function input parameters, inside the params, there are ignoreComponent option but I can not find a way to do so in blueprint.

My questions are:

  1. From the widget component side, is it possible to not involve in the hit result test?

  2. How to set the option ignore component when doing hit result under cursor?