How to ignore or stop this from happening? Packaging Failed! Results Error Unknown Cook Failure

Im sure many of us have had this before and now there’s so many marketplace assets and various plugins it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

So I was wondering is there a command or switch somewhere to tell the engine to package regardless of any errors?

If everything works in editor and is playable then i can accept some hidden or unknown bug somewhere which may never end up showing itself while playing.

I suspect some of these errors are for assets in a pack that may not even be used sometimes so it’s better to just package and let us get on with our day. Not everyone has the knowledge or time to track down and fix these silly errors even if we wanted so surely there must be a quick solution?


So does anyone know as i think it would be really useful? I imagine there’s been game jams and people needing to get their game packaged without much time left so a quick fix like this would be a life saver.

Not very experienced with the backend on how the engine handles these things but I’d imagine the engine, specifically the editor will have a lot of error handling things that would be performance intensive in terms of debugging tools. To have a packaged build would be to have a build that is safe to run without these tools. e.g it would be pretty bad to have memory related issues in your game.

Usually just looking through the log file it will point you to the error that is stopping it from packaging.

Also this isn’t a blueprint related topic