how to ignore head rotation in VR teleport?

the current VR template works great for 360 degree spaces, but not so much for 180.

In 180 degree, your head is always facing the sensors, you don’t turn your body, so you don’t want to take into account your head’s rotation on the teleport gizmo’s direction, you want the gizmo to point to whatever will be the straight forward position after you teleport, you want it to point to the sensors.

I’m trying to find what to tweak in the template, but nothings seems to work. any ideas?

if it helps, I’m trying to make it work like in the game Robo Recall

update: I managed to do this, in case anyone is interested, you have to open the BP_MotionController blueprint and open the UpdateArcEndpoint function graph as it’s hidden. in the end of that small graph it’s using a node to get orientation and position and another to combine rotators with the TeleportRotation variable. just ignore these nodes and connect the TeleportRotation variable directly into the SetWorldRotation node for the Arrow scene component.

now a problem that I’m having is that when I’m looking to the side, I want the starting rotation of the gizmo to be the direction I’m looking at, not pointing the sensors. if anyone has any clues, I appreciate the help