How to identify pick up actors using collusion profiles?

Hey All

Please can you help me Im struggling to make my plan work for pick ups for a seek and find game?
My plan is to using a Data Table containing the name of items which then I am pulling from and put into a separate array which is then used for an User interface displayed during game play and each item actor is then assigned a individual collusion profile which is indexed from the the array I created.

My Hopes is that in the character blueprint when the character capsule is overlapped It queries if what collusion profile name and is it one of these 6 names in the array if so destroy actor (picked up) and then removed the name from array but if not then flash red to count as a miss-click (deduction of points). But the trouble I am having is how do I get the profile name ambiguous without any pectic casting so that any actor can be randomly selected from the table.

Is Collusion Profile Names good for this? if not what would you suggest is good for this?

Many Thanks

Andrew Booth 3D

Very strange way of handling this.

You’d be better off creating a parent actor, so you can then create as many child instances as you want with different name, mesh, etc… And, you can universally cast to the objects by casting through the parent actor.

Ah yeah I forgot about child instance that makes much sense thank you very much :slight_smile:

Since creating this post, I found a way without casting by getting the object name of the item instead. But by using child instancing would make it more efficient and I might still get the object name of the child so still no casting which its something Im trying to avoid.

Would you say that is a good way or casting to child actor better?

Many Thanks again

Andrew Booth 3D

Is that the capsule component on your player?

If so, I’d say that’s a bad place to do it, since that code will fire everything you overlap something.

What is it that you’re trying to do exactly? To me it looks very confusing and convoluted. You just want to delete the actor if it matches… What? A specific name, or many specific names? Tags are another option.