How to I remove the 120 FPS cap in the Editor?

I unclicked smooth FPS in the project settings as well as typed in t.MaxFPS but my framerate stays capped at 199.99-120 fps, regardless of an empty scene or my full world loaded.

Any thoughts? I want to do profiling and see what the true uncapped FPS is.


Oh, and it is possibly my GPU has it’s own limiter… so if anyone knows anything about that too please let me know… My hunch is that may be the culprit since I couldn’t find anyone else complaining on the forums about this issue .

OR perhaps it’s my Monitor capping at 120 because of its max hertz? Or something like this? I’m not much of a hardware guy so if anyone knows if there is a remedy for this I’d be interested in knowing - my Graphics Card is 1080 ti FTW. and my Monitors are 4K 120 hertz.

You might have Vsync on, which with your monitor having a 120 hertz refresh rate would line up.
If you are hitting 120 fps at a constant then you are doing fine, since anything above is rarely used in monitors anyway and having your game’s fps line up with your monitors refresh rate eliminates screen-tearing which is good.

Not sure if t.MaxFPS without a number after it sets it to unlimited but otherwise you can try to set it to t.MaxFPS 200 or something so your cap is beyond what you are currently experiencing.

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