How to I get the "launch game" context menu for .uproject files if built from source?

I just built the Oculus patched version of UE4 in Visual Studio 2013. I usually like to preview my projects in the Rift DK2 by right clicking the .uproject file and choosing “launch game”
I do this because the framerate with the editor running in the background gets nearly cut in half. Does anyone know how I can get that context menu back on a custom built version of UE4 like this?

Side note: I cannot use the workaround to package my scene first then close the editor because of this bug in 4.3/4.4. (Mine is based on a content example map) I need all the FPS I can get with this DK2. So if anyone knows any way to get this context menu back, it would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: It appears turning off realtime mode in the editor and realtime thumbnails helped a lot for the standalone player. Still would like to know how to get context menu if possible.

No solution here?