How to I fix my UE5 Project from Freezing / Glitching?

This issue is hard to explain but I was in the process of changing some settings for my virtual shadow maps in the /config/DefaultEngine.

Once I reopened my project there was an obvious issue, when I go to play in Editor Window the screen freezes and won’t respond. My NavMesh wasn’t finishing its build and would always get stuck on 83%.

I also can’t move around my Viewport, right click has no effect all I can do is zoom in and out. If I click build all levels the lighting gets stuck on 0%.

I have tried to revert DefaultEngine to it’s original settings but this editor bug is still present.

I’m new to Unreal and don’t really want to rebuild from source unless I have to, I’m hoping someone knows what’s up as maybe there is something I can do to fix it without rebuilding or losing any data/progress.

  • Game freezes in Editor Window
  • Right Click in Viewport does nothing
  • Issues Building Levels