How to I find if Widget [border] is under x,y location? OR if widget is touched.

Well kind of as topic says, how can i get which widget is under xy location.

For now i got touch interface state (where fingers are touching) , but tracking all that stuff gets complicated.

Best solution for me would be to detect if any finger is touching, and list of those 3 widgets that are touched.
IsHovered does not work it returns true only for last touched one. I really would like to avoid keeping state of widgets in array, it all gets really messy really quick this way.

So i need function that would be called “is touched” by any finger.

EDIT: nevermind my original reply, I found your comment on the other post and understand what you wanted there.
Once you use the border approach, you have to track the in/out, down/release, all the stuff like doing low level UI.
IF you want to swipe and then register all 3 as touched, then down/enter while dragging/release should all pointed to the same event flow.
And if that enter while dragging is not exposed, they should be in there somewhere for you to expose from C++ side.

Ideally you bind anything that could be touched with an events, and they will handle the detect part themselves.
The default lists of bind events might be a bit too few, but should still be manageable.
ie. In case of a slider, it doesn’t matter if you catched the start and end of dragging, it’s more important when the changes are commited.
And they have a value commited event for you to bind as a result.

Well other thread is what i would love to have. I am trying multiple solutions, but each one has some roadblock somewhere.

Basically i have 12 widgets (images or borders, does not matter much) in 3x4 grid. All i need to know which ones are touched on multitouch interface.
So if i touch location 1 then 2, and release 1, i should be able to determine that 1 was released and 2 is still pressed.

Simply put i need kind of virtual keyboard, or WASD keys, just for 12 widgets, instead of 4.

As to your answer, yes that would be best, and i think its THE right solution. Buttons are closest to this, but i have no way of knowing when they are untouched.
That would be no problem if i could determine if my button is under touch location.


I found small but so needed function “IsPressed”, that silly ****** was hidden inside Library>Button. And i looked trough all widget lists.

So it all kind of works, besides that dragging touch outside of area.