How to I create spline decals

I’m trying to create tyre tracks on the ground. Just like repeating meshes along splines, I want to instance decals along splines.
But I can’t find the right node- Add Spline Decal Component.
How do I do this in UE4? Please guide me through achieving this with blueprints.

I’ve seen that most racing games, GTA V, Star Wars Battlefront and most new games use decals that are repeated along the length of the spline to create this effect.
GTA V in particular has done it amazingly well. All decals blend seamlessly with the road, with the landscape, with other meshes and even layer on top of each other!

Agreed, this is a sorely missing feature in UE4 that absolutely needs to be added to the editor tool set. Cryengine and Torque 3D have had this feature for years in their road tools.