How to I create an image in UMG in unreal 4.4?

I’ve created a project in unreal 4.4.3 and I’m hitting a problem I’ve enabled UMG and wand to display an image as a part of my HUD, however I’m not able to select an image for appearance, even though I have images and materials in the project, nothing shows up when I browse:

Is there a step I’m missing? I know there are new versions of unreal but I really don’t want to have to start the project again just to make a HUD.

Any Help would be appreciated.

Have you just tried dragging and dropping the image from the left to the correct location on the right?

Yup, tried that, but nothing happens, the square around the image slot even highlights as if it was going to accept the texture, but nothing changes when I release the mouse button

I decided to open the project in a later version of unreal and the problem is fixed