How to i convert a skeletal mesh to a sk-component?

as the title says. i need skeletal mesh components for a modular pawn but every part is just a skeletal mesh.

Its hard to understand such a generic question. could you explain in a bit more detail what you would like to do?

it sounds like you are asking how you get from a skeletal mesh to a skeletal mesh component. if this is so, you need to create a skeletal mesh component in the blueprint and assign the skeletal mesh to it in the blueprint editor

i cant assign a skeletal mesh to a skeletal mesh component variable. he doesnt find it.

You should be able to. have you tried dragging the skeletal mesh from the content browser to the property in the editor? also if it’s not finding the mesh then its most likely not a skeletal mesh or you are typing into the search wrong

I tried to drag it into the property but it doesnt work either. i can drag it into to blueprint directly but then he just shows the function add “skeletal mesh
the picture shows how it looks for me

You need to add a component not a variable. the variable will be create by the editor along with the component. then drag the skeletal mesh from the content browser into the skeletal mesh component’s skeletal mesh reference