How to i attach something to a Character

So Im making a horror game and im trying to uses a 3d model of a flashlight and i got it all lined up with the character but it doesnt stick… Also I try dragging the Flashlight from the world outliner to the character in the world outliner but wont let me attach it please help

As I think ,you should use socket.
You can create a socket in you skeletal’s bone.Then after you spawned some actor, you can use “Attach To” node with socket name and then it will be attached to the mesh.
if you using a Emitter, then you can just use “spawn Emitter Attached”

An alternative option if you wanted it to remain a physics object is by grabbing the physics handle, and updating that every tick.
This is more complex than just socketing an object, but it depends on what you want to acheive.

Like this example here